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Pay yourself, pay your bills (on time) and enjoy profit dollars in your bank account!

Profit First is a simple but very effective method to build healthy money habits to ensure that you are in control of the money that flows through your businesss
We start where you are now. No looking back, just a line in the sand and we start to make a difference to your cashflow today.


The Profit First methodology allows for you to: take profit dollars from your business first, pay yourself for the risk you take as a business owner, ensure your taxes are provided for and make timely payment of your supplier costs.

Why Profit First?

A number of years ago I worked with a young couple from Sydney who moved to a regional tourist town and purchased an existing successful restaurant business. This young couple didn’t have a budget. They overspent on re-branding, purchasing new kitchen equipment, dining furniture etc. They didn’t make provision for their first quarterly BAS (nor the second, third etc), they didn’t put aside the employee super.

It wasn’t long before they were struggling to pay suppliers. After 12 months, they had amassed $150k worth of debt.

At 18 months they closed the restaurant as they couldn’t sell it. Unfortunately they went back to jobs in Sydney to pay off their debts.


I’ve seen several businesses fail over the past 13 years and, excluding a pandemic, it’s almost always due to a lack of managing the cash flow in the business. The impact of a failed business can be devastating.

NOW I equip business owners with a SYSTEM to control their cash flow and I support them to embed the cash flow system in their business. This builds healthy cash flow habits and enables financial stability and ensures financial success.

I never want to see another business owner fail!

01. Goal Setting

We offer a 30 minute Zoom call to discuss your goals & challenges. We gather the required financial information.


02. Profit First Assessment

I provide you with a Profit First assessment via a 60 minute Zoom call.


03. Ongoing Support

I offer ongoing support calls to assist you embed the cash flow system into your business (and to cheer you on as you start to enjoy the benefits of being in control of the money flowing through your business)!


Free Profit First Instant Assessment

Download our Profit First Instant Assessment today!

Free Worksheet - Preparing for Profit First

Download our worksheet to help you prepare for Profit First!

Download our Profit First Instant Assessment

Prepare for Profit First - Free Worksheet